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Teacherpreneur and Language Enthusiast

A Hong Kong-based English, Literature in English and Theory of Knowledge teacher and writer who believes it more imperative for education to inspire in a learner curiosity and empower them with the abilities to become an intelligent and independent life-long learner than to impart hard knowledge. With in mind the vocation to provide such education to students in Hong Kong, she founded Finnie’s Language Arts in 2014.

A Law graduate from the University of Hong Kong, Tiffany has found her true calling to be inspiring people to become better learners and educators, be they students, teachers or parents.

Tiffany spends her life connecting the dots between education, arts and everything in life at large. She takes it upon herself to empower her students and the learners of English at large so that they become equally capable of doing the same.

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Web Designer and Developer, Content Producer, Photographer and Illustrator

An MPhil graduate of Physics from the University of Hong Kong, Eric resonates with Finnie’s passion in innovating and advocating more effective methods in education and its cause of promoting the public’s understanding of what education should be and can be.

Having developed a special fondness for the natural sciences and mathematics since young, Eric believes that science and art align in their purpose – to come closer to truth. He understands that a keen scientific and investigative mind doesn’t act in opposition but in adjunct to learning English as an art.

He is minded to create an elegant and user-friendly online platform for learning, which would be pivotal to advocating the Finnie’s methodology of English teaching and learning.