Translation and Proofreading

Writing good English is not just about grammar; it’s also about being highly sensitive to appropriacy and contexts.

If you write good English, that’s good. However, if you want to impress, with English that exudes wit and intelligence, only the best wordsmiths can help take your command of the language to the next level.

Whether you need help with polishing your cover letter, personal statement, corporate document, academic theses, commercial writing or programme notes, we are glad to offer you our professional assistance.

We have solid experience in providing translation, proofreading and copywriting service to SMEs, students and non-governmental organisations. Have a chat with us to see how our reliable and personalised service can help you leave a lasting impression with the power of words.

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Writing Clinic

Anyone who has tried learning to write at school knows that one cannot over-emphasise how helpful detailed feedback on one’s writing could be. Students make all sorts of mistakes in their writings, some of which they are aware of but do not know how to correct, some of which they aren’t even aware that they are making.

Sadly, rarely are students given enough individual attention or tailor-made advice on how to improve their writing. But don’t worry. Our writing clinic service have you covered.

Send us your child’s writing today, and we will return a polished version to you with our professional and readily actionable advice on how to make it better.

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Voice Recording

Rules about a language could be complex and mind-boggling. While they occur and become apparent to a native speaker naturally and often not consciously, second language learners have difficulties identifying and complying with them.

Not to mention when we speak or write English, more than often, we cannot afford the luxury of theorising on the spot. This is especially true in the setting of a timed examination.

Most languages in the world appear first in the form of spoken words before they do in the form of written ones. This shows that the production of sound could be a more intuitive way to form language than the production of drawings or writings. First language learners first learn how to speak and then to write. Lamentably, many second language learners of English, especially in Hong Kong, commit the fatal error of practising their English by too much writing and too little speaking, at the expense of the quality of the language they produce.

For most students, however, there is only so much time that they can set aside for learning English in a day. When there are prescribed materials one has to study for the end-of-term examination, spending too much time studying out-of-the-syllabus texts won’t be possible. This is where our personalised voice recording service might come in handy. Listening to a quality audio-recording of a text won’t only help you learn it better, it will also improve all aspects of your spoken English including your pronunciation, intonation and rhythm as well as strengthen your command of English grammar. Enjoy even better results by simply reading along with with the audio-recording and imitating the quality spoken English you will find in it.

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Corporate Training

Exam preparation courses in the market often fail to lay a solid foundation for language learners in the workplace. Do your employees need a brush up on their English command, be it their pronunciation, their grammar or their corporate communication skills? Our personnel are well trained to give your employees short-term language training workshops that will suit your unique needs. These workshops will lay a solid foundation for any English learner of any level.

  • Hong Kong Accent Removal Training (2 hours)
  • Grammar Foundation Training (2 hours)
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Online Oral Practice

Do you have an English oral exam coming up and need someone to practise your spoken English with? This service enables you to practise with a first-rate native-level speaker in the comfort of your home. You will be given expert feedback on how to speak English at a much greater level of clarity, accuracy, appropriacy, authenticity and persuasiveness.

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Speech Festival Coaching

Is your child going to perform in the upcoming Speech Festival? Do you want to make this unique experience as educational and rewarding to him or her as you can? If you do, your child will likely benefit immensely from coaching sessions from a professional and experienced speech coach like me. My personalised, practically informed and theoretically sound approach will guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

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Listening to an elder read them stories is one of the best ways for children to learn English. Our professional storytellers bring stories to life; we, on the other hand, bring this professional story-telling service to your door.

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Mock Paper Design

Are you children on a tight revision schedule as exams are soon coming up? Do you feel overwhelmed at the mere sight of their disorienting exam syllabuses? If the answers to both of these questions are yes, perhaps you would consider using our Mock Paper Design Service, in which we take into consideration a student’s weaknesses and the coverage of every unique examination, strategise based on our expert knowledge of English and tailor-make a mock examination paper for a learner’s completion for the purpose of exam preparation.

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Mock Interview

Is an admission interview coming up for your child? Interviews are key occasions when your child will be assessed on their ability to express themselves in oral English.

Book a mock interview session with us, where we will share with you and your children the tips to introducing yourself and communicating your points of view with fluency and confidence.

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Poem Writing

Would you like to gift a beloved one with a tailor-made poem? Tell me his or her name, the theme you’d like me to work on or the message you’d like to convey and I will send you a tailor-made poem, lovingly written by me. Click here for samples.


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